New Firms & Structure Changes

When you embark on a project to set up a new firm or change the structure of your firm the process can be daunting, risky and costly.

You need to consider the regulatory requirements, how you will obtain authorisation from your chosen regulator, the commercial impact, the relationship of all involved parties and what you want to achieve moving forward. Peacock Risk Management will work with you to guide and support you through the process from inception to completion.

Peacock Risk Management can assist you to:

  • Form a strategy and consider your options before you commit to the project 
  • Discuss your options for regulation
  • Facilitate meetings and liaise with your accountant to achieve the best options to minimise tax liabilities. 
  • Liaise with your professional indemnity insurers and assist with any applications
  • Consider and discuss what employment law advice you may need regarding the implications of TUPE or redundancies
  • Apply for authorisation with the appropriate regulator and liaise with them throughout
  • Prepare the required policies and procedures to support the application
  • Liaise with your bank, suppliers and contractors and consider the cost implications of any changes
  • Recommend appropriate products such as an accounts and case management system or assist in ensuring that what you already have can cope with the transitional period and your plans

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